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Now that Spyro is gone, who will protect the Dragon Worlds?

    Needed Information


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    Needed Information

    Post  Sparkamus on Wed Apr 14, 2010 8:08 am

    When creating a character, please include the following information:

    Dragons/Evil Dragons- For weapon, put tail and horns. For abilities, put Glide and Hover(These only work when trying to get to a lower platform than the place you are standing). If you have a companion, it is a Dragonfly. Dragonfly abilities are weaker than those of the Dragons because they are smaller. If you are an Evil Dragon, you must have Dark as an element for you and your Dragonfly.

    Allies- First, you must be a real animal with an unusual ability(eg. Sgt. Byrd was a penguin that could fly). For abilities, put Breathe Underwater. For a weapon, put something that is not too powerful. If it is too powerful, a Seer will inform you of this. If you have a companion, it is a Fairy. Fairy abilities are weaker than those of the Allies because they are smaller.

    Cohorts- First, there are only two species of Cohorts: Gnorc, Rhynoc. More will come later. For abilities put Ice Walk. For a weapon, it has to be something that can release magic. You can add this ability to melee weapons (Gnasty did this with a mace), but it cannot be used to kill!! If you have a companion, it will be a Mini-Cohort(the same species as you [e.g. Gnorcs will have Mini-Gnorcs]). Mini-Cohort abilities are weaker than those of the Cohorts because they are smaller.

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