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Now that Spyro is gone, who will protect the Dragon Worlds?

    Accepted Worlds


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    Accepted Worlds

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    If there is a world not on this list, the entire topic will be deleted. If you wish to submit a World, please PM a Seer.

    Original Worlds
    World Short Description
    Artisans Home World Marked with lush, green grass and rolling hills, this is the main Home World of the Dragon Worlds.
    Stone Hill Similiar to the Artisans Home World, this World also has a Dragon-held lookout tower located in the middle of it.
    Dark Hollow In this midnight World, there is an underground tunnel leading to a favorite swimming hole of Dragons.
    Town Square This World is the main place for Dragons to live. Also located here is the Unsolved Maze Challange.
    Peace Keepers Home World This is a good World for warriors to train their combat skills!
    Cliff Town An excellent place to practice Gliding, Cliff Town is situated on a really high cliff!
    Dry Canyon Located in the middle of a giant, twisting canyon, this place tests the nerves of even the most battle-hardened warriors!
    Ice Cavern This is dangerous World because of all of the ice. Those without the Ice Walk ability could slide right over the edge!
    Magic Crafters Home World This is a good World for training of Magic skills!
    Alpine Ridge Plagued by regular mini-tornados, this world is quite the twister!
    High Caves Not for those scared of heights. Bad Gliding and Hovering skills will lead to falling off the edge of the world.
    Wizard Peak A place that is just too magical to resist, this is the best place to practice both Gliding and Magic skills!
    Beast Makers Home World In here, beasts of unimaginable horror are located!
    Terrace Village Another Glide- and Hover-oriented World, this place gives many the creeps!
    Misty Bog Inhabited by some long-tongued frogs and man-eating trees, this world should only be traversed by the most skilled warriors!
    Tree Tops This world is dangerous because the only safe ground is waaaaaay up and seperated by long gaps. Gliding and Hovering are ESSENTIAL!!
    Dream Weavers Home World Filled with mystical creatures, this World is home of all dreams.
    Dark Passage Starting out as a serene World, this place gets real scary real quick! Bring a light, you'll need it!
    Lofty Castle Floating high in the sky, this castle is ruled by the creatures of dreams. Of course, it is also very dangerous.
    Haunted Towers In this most scary nightmare World, good combat skills are highly recommended!
    Gnasty's World Only a small circle covered by water, this World is isolated, devoid, and certainly avoided by all.
    Gnorc Cove Filled with Commandos with no loyalty, top-notch battle skills are required in order to even consider surviving this World!
    Twilight Harbor Hope you can Glide and Hover! Otherwise, you will find yourself sleeping with the fishies!
    Summer Forest Home World This peaceful World is the main residence of the Avalar Worlds
    Glimmer Inhabited by rodents named Gem Cutters, this place is a good place to find plenty of Gems! If you can find where they are hidden, that is...
    Collusus Get ready to meditate! A bunch of Monks here will help teach you the "relaxing" sport of....... hockey (Ice Walk needed to play)!
    Idol Springs This place is home to the Avalar mechanics and carvers... but some strange things happen sometimes...
    Sunny Beach Vacation, ho! This pristine beach is a good place to vacation!
    Hurricos Bzzzt! Hurricos is the main power center of Avalar. Don't get crushed by any machinery!
    Skelos Badlands In this place, if you can't handle the heat, you'd better not come! This place is overflowing (not literally) with lava!
    Aquaria Towers Underwater Breathing is essential! This world is completely submerged underwater!
    Autumn Plains Home World Another peaceful World, this place is filled with a calm, fall breeze... there is also a ginormous castle here...
    Crystal Glacier Brrr! I hope you like the cold, otherwise you are not gonna be happy! This world is completely covered with snow...
    Breeze Harbor The only outstanding feature of this world is the giant, floating airship... and the Trolley Ride Challange.
    Zephyr Prepare for war! Those without the battle skills will have a tough time breaking through the ranks!
    Scorch A hot, sand-filled desert. Many a traveller have perished trying to survive in this sun-scorched World.
    Fracture Hills A night World, this is the home of the Fauns and Satyrs seen around Avalar from time to time.
    Shady Oasis A temple filled with acid and fruit trees, this World is a good place to maybe find a rare artifact... or two
    Magma Cone The hottest place in Avalar, this World is located around a volcano! Those brave enough to climb to the summit may get a fancy reward...
    Winter Tundra Home World This Home World is a good place to practice Gliding from the big castle! Just try not to fall off of the edge!
    Mystic Marsh The Sages here keep the water supply of Avalar running smoothly and continuously... when they aren't sleeping on the job...
    Cloud Temples Located high, these Temples are home to the Magic imbued in the Powerups.
    Robotica Farms Where Avalar's food is grown, all of the farmers here are robots!
    Metropolis A city inhabited by City Robots, this is the most visited place in Avalar... and the safest due to the fact that is surrounded by a force field... new Powerups are invented here.
    Sunrise Spring Home World This is the most peaceful of the Forgotten Worlds, this place is filled with green hills, a cave, and a giant lake.
    Sunny Villa A town harkening back to the age of the toga, Sunny Villa is inhabited by toga-wearing rodents. The architecture is also Roman-esque.
    Cloud Spires A place of few pitfalls for a place so high, Cloud Spires is home to the Bell Flight Challange (Superfly Powerup required!)
    Molten Crater A lava-rich world, Molten Crater is the headquarters of the Tiki Lodge.
    Seashell Shore A mostly-underwater world, Seashell Shore is a hot vacation spot for many in the Forgotten Worlds.
    Sheila's Alp Home of Spyro's old ally, Sheila the Kangaroo, this World is traveled by many warriors looking to test their jumping skills... few make it far.
    Midday Gardens Home World This World is located amongs several small gardens.
    Icy Peak If you don't have the Ice Walk ability, you won't make it far in this world... unless you can slide across ice accurately. This World is also home to the famous Ice Skating Fighting Tournament (Ice Walk required!)
    Enchanted Towers A place inhabited by flying, flame-spitting creatures, there is a hidden skate park to test the boarding skills of travelers (Skateboarding required!)
    Spooky Swamp Inhabited by Haiku-speaking fireflies, this place is famous for its giant Tea Lamps... just don't try to swim, or you will be eaten by pirhanas!
    Bamboo Terrace The main source of bamboo, this World is also home to a peaceful mountain.
    Sgt. Byrd's Base The headquarters of the Hummngbird Army, this place was also home to the only flying penguin, Sgt. James Byrd. It is located inside a cliff.
    Evening Lake Home World A giant lake dominates the features of this world... as well as a giant castle.
    Frozen Altars This world is home to the Laser Defense System. It also hosts the World Ice Cat Hockey Tournament (Ice Walk required)
    Lost Fleet The graveyard of several ships, there is a hidden Skateboard Track to test warriors' speed on a board (Skateboarding required!)! It is also home to the Hidden Sub Challange!
    Fireworks Factory Filled with explosives, this place is constantly fought over as a base for producing ballistics!
    Charmed Ridge This is a good place to hone and perfect battle, Magic, and Gliding and Hovering skills! Home to the Golden Goose Challange (Seed Spitting required)
    Bentley's Outpost Once home of Bentley the Yeti, Yetis now are abundant in this World.
    Midnight Mountain Home World A place that is excellent for Gliding and Hovering skills!
    Crystal Islands These islands are seperated by large gaps... the Slide Challange I is located here (Sliding required!).
    Desert Ruins Treasures are abound in this dangerous, acid-flowing World!
    Haunted Tomb Home to riddle-loving dogs, this place is home to three challanges: Slide Challange II (Sliding required), Pit of 7 Terrible Trials, and World Tank Tournament.
    Dino Mines Get ready to kick it, Western-style. Gun-slinging is totally optional.
    Agent 9's Lab Once home to the Monkey Agent 9, this place is now overrun by wildlife.
    Super Bonus World A seemingly empty World, this is where those who die by natural obstacles (lava, acid, falling off the edge), land up. Here, they will find a Portal back to their original World

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