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Now that Spyro is gone, who will protect the Dragon Worlds?

    The Story Thus Far... pt. 2- Spyro the Dragon: Ripto's Rage!


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    The Story Thus Far... pt. 2- Spyro the Dragon: Ripto's Rage!

    Post  Sparkamus on Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:14 am

    Spyro the Dragon was a feisty Dragon. He was also adventurous. After his adventure against Gnasty Gnorc, Spyro and Sparx decide they need a vacation. They decide to go to Dragon Shores. Fate, however, had an ugly tweak in store. On the worlds of Avalar, the denizens are being terrorized by a dinosaur-riding baddie named Ripto. Using his magic, Ripto had made life miserable in Avalar, also proclaiming himself King of Avalar. One of the freedom fighters, the Professor, had a plan. He had made some Orbs, and decided to re-program a few to snatch a Dragon, the one thing Ripto hated. Just as Spyro went through the portal to Dragon Shores, the Orbs started up. Soon, Spyro found himself on a strange world. Spyro decides to help, especially since the folks of Avalar told him they could rig up a portal to Dragon Shores. After a bit of toasting, Spyro prevailed over Ripto and his goons, earning his definitely needed vacation at Dragon Shores.


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