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Now that Spyro is gone, who will protect the Dragon Worlds?

    The Story Thus Far... pt. 3-Spyro: Year of the Dragon


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    The Story Thus Far... pt. 3-Spyro: Year of the Dragon

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    Spyro was a feisty Dragon. He was also adventurous. After his adventures in Avalar, The Year of the Dragon was upon the Dragon Families. Every 12 years, faeries bring a new batch of Dragon Eggs to the Families. This year, there are 151 new Eggs. However, a new, sinister plot was about to unfold. On the other side of the Dragon Worlds lay the Forgotten Worlds. They are so forgotten, even the tales of them are forgotten. The Forgotten Worlds are ruled by the Sorceress. She is also fed up with being Forgotten. So, she decides to restore the dying magic in her world by eggnapping the 151 magical Dragon Eggs. So, with the help of her followers, the 'rhynocs', and her apprentice, Bianca, the Sorceress eggnaps the eggs, then turns the rhynocs and Bianca against Spyro when he comes to look for them. In the end, however, the Sorceress fails and Spyro once again shines as a hero to the Dragon Families.

    The Sorceress

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