Worlds of Spyro

Now that Spyro is gone, who will protect the Dragon Worlds?

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    The Current Story

    Post  Sparkamus on Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:38 am

    After Spyro the Dragon has gone to join the Ancestors, many of the Dragons thought the Worlds safe from evil. However, as new Worlds are being discovered, the Evil that had lay dormant since the time of Spyro has risen up again. However, the Dragons are not alone this time. The animal friends that Spyro made have helped to forge alliances between some of the animals and the Dragons. The flip side of this is that The Evil ones have also forged animal alliances. Some of the animals remain neutral. The Dragons still have their Dragonfly companions to help them, but the Evil ones have new helpers: the Mini-Gnorcs. They were found to live in Gnasty's World, a World still avoided by Dragons. The allies also have helpers, the fairies. Now, it is up to the young Dragons to do what the Elders themselves once wished to do: combat the spreading Evil. All of the Portals to the Worlds lay withing the Temples, deactivated and moved so that inexperienced Dragons would not stumble into more trouble than they could handle. Who will win this war? Will the Dragons prevail, or will Evil finally have a grip on all of the Worlds?

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